Our Philosophy

We believe that clients are best served when their attorney has the motivation to complete their work efficiently, accurately and when the work is delivered with an exceptional client experience. As such we offer the following:



We don't want clients to be afraid to call us. That is why we don't bill by the hour. If you hire us to draft your estate plan, you will not be charged for calls or e-mails with questions about your estate planning documents.

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Free Review Meetings

We recommend reviewing your estate plan every three years. We invite all of our clients to come in for a complimentary meeting to discuss what has changed with their assets and family; we will tell you what has changed with the law.

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free consultation following death

We invite beneficiaries, successor trustees, personal representatives, or other family members in for a complimentary meeting following a death in the family. We will give them the "game plan" for what actions they must take.